What’s shakin’?

Hello, and welcome to Racy Stacie!

You may be wondering: what’s going on here? Who is this super cheesy blogger? For the latter, you can read more about me here. For the former, read below.

What’s going on here? As part of my reflection on training for my first half marathon (Rock ‘n Roll USA, 3/17/12), I’m blogging my experience. I see training and racing as being on a journey, with chances to explore and learn. So, welcome to my self-indulgent blog on running! If it strikes any chords with you, I’m glad. I’d love for this to be interactive as well, so please, strike up conversation.

How’s this set up? I anticipate a few posts per week, with a longer post on the weekend that wraps up my miles logged, music that inspired, and more. As a bonus, I’ll include posts about nutrition and food, as I’m not just a fledgling distance runner, I’m also conscious of good eating and healthy living.

And you are qualified, how…? I am not a: doctor, nutritionist, coach, professional athlete, or any other thing that might otherwise qualify me to provide advice about running or weight loss. However, I’m a girl who decided to make some changes in my life, and I speak from that experience. Your mileage may vary.

So ‘Racy Stacie’ is… not an adult site. Just a fun place to prep for a race. Welcome.


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