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Yoga Pants Are Professional, Right?

April 9, 2012

I wish I had a job where I could wear yoga pants all day. Mind you, I’m not interested in being a yoga instructor. I just want to wear yoga pants every day.

The Gos feels me.

Especially as I’ve been losing weight and trying to piece together outfits without having to spend a lot of money, the urge to wear all things comfy and yoga has been strong. I promised myself that the big shopping spree will happen when I hit my goal and/or I hit one year since I decided to make a major lifestyle change.

Between grad school and part-time jobs or jobs where I could work from home, I haven’t had to wear professional clothes five days a week in almost three years. And even then, I could often get away with a more casual look. And not only were those pre-Casual-Monday-through-Friday days long ago enough that my old clothes are pretty beat up or shabby looking, but they were from 30 pounds ago. Nothing makes you feel amazeballs like frumpy, shabby clothes.

With the phone call that I’ve been offered a new job that requires a sharper look, I finally gave myself permission (sorry, first forthcoming pay check, looks like you’ve been spent!) to buy new clothes. So, not quite at my goal yet, but…I can’t go to work naked. It’s not that kind of office.

My previous experiences with suits weren’t very good. Imagine trying to shove yourself into clothes that were too big in some areas and too tight in others…yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

It's cute to wear ill-fitting clothes when you're 8, not so much when you're 30. And with boobs. And hips.

Because I’m an idiot a bad blogger, I didn’t get a picture of me in my new wardrobe (will do, will do!), but I have to say, unexpected bonus of weight loss #46859281: I felt confident and like my clothes fit the way they should. I actually found myself lamenting that I wouldn’t need to wear a suit/jacket every day…although that may be more because that’s pretty mindless when it comes to choosing an outfit. I like not having to think too much. Especially if that thinking comes pre-coffee.

Anyway, I felt really great, and I credit the weight loss. And the ability to buy suits in separate pieces. I think I’m pretty proportionate, but my jackets and skirts/pants are definitely not the same size…enough so that I wear a petite jacket! Petite! Me! I am not a petite person, but it works. I had these hazy visions of totally remaking my style (whatever that means), but necessity and a time crunch has me just picking up basic, classic pieces for now. I guess the remake is that I’m not constantly furrowing my brow or looking incredibly socially awkward because I feel like a chump.

I also decided to get rid of what was turning into hippie-in-the-wild hair (I miss it…a little), and get a more professional cut. Bonus for a cut that looks good straight, too…although let’s be quite honest: I am too lazy to straighten my hair.

And I almost lost my shit on a dude at one of those kiosks in the mall where they try to sell you hair straighteners. Normally I just blow it off, but when a blind to all that is good in the world guy selling straighteners told me that I “could look so pretty if [I] let [him] straighten [my] hair,” well…it was almost too much. Could look so pretty? Sucka, please. I do look so pretty. I love having curly hair.

But I digress. Onto a more professional look. And not rotating between one pair of ill-fitting cotton slacks and one pair of jeans with a jean I keep trying to re-attach. Yikes. New job…new me…but no yoga pants at work. Sad. panda.

I kind of miss the unkempt look. Kind of.

Oh. Oh, no. I'm lying to you. Kempt is a better look.

This will not happen again. And by that I mean, the hair. The beers will happen again.

Long story short: I’m happy I lost weight and feel better in my own skin…and the clothes that must cover said skin. I’m not happy that those clothes have to have shoes, though. Barefoot would be amazing.

I’m also really lazy: Exhibit A – I’d like to wear yoga pants all day; Exhibit B – if I can’t wear yoga pants all day, I’d rather wear a suit all day so I don’t have to think about what other clothes serve as the female equivalent to shirt and tie; Exhibit C – fancy pants straight hair is way too fancy to actually take the time to do. Even though it’s probably not.


Weekend Update: Running Around the Office is Different Than Running a Race Edition

February 14, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for February 6-12. Eeek – another day-late, dollar-short post! So much for a weekend update…anyway.

Things have been pretty crazy at work; new hours, new responsibilities, a ton of running around at the last minute with a figurative fire under my ass. Happy it’s not a literal one, and, frankly, the excitement is…pretty exciting. But it’s made it hard to stick to a schedule and keep on top of my life. I’m proud to report that Operation: Rein It In was successful. Wish I’d cooked a little more, but, considering that I went in to work on Sunday, too, very productive process of regaining control.

Training Mode: Meh. This should have concluded Week 7 of half marathon training.

Days until the race: 32

You can run and tell that: 3.25 miles! Which is…not enough! But it’s better than it has been!

Busted more moves: One yoga class, one Body Pump class. And…running around my office?

Busted body: …..  (Nothing to report – yay!)

Ear candy o’ the week: I’d forgotten how much awesome music is in my library, what with adding new things to my workout mixes. In rediscovering my more rootsy, folky selections, I remembered that membership at the top of the pop charts isn’t the only thing that makes a great running song. I happily ran to Neko Case’s version of “Soulful Shade of Blue” yesterday; a driving beat, great lyrics, and knowledge that there’s much more to life than Britney Spears will keep you going.

The takeaway: I can’t let changes at work or in life change my habits and affect attainment of goals as much as they did last week. The eating habits were healthy last week, but the fitness habits suffered. I really enjoyed Theodora’s post on staying healthy when busy.

Things to work on: getting back into my running plan (2nd attempt).


Good Day, Sunshine

February 2, 2012

It’s only Wednesday, but…what a week! A pretty terrible migraine slayed me on Monday, but yesterday brought some exciting things at work (and a subsequent 14-hour workday…that I…loved. Please check me for signs of delusion). I didn’t get to take advantage of the nice weather yesterday, but did get out for an afternoon stroll today. When I journal (or, oh hey, blog), it’s easy for me to write about the bad things; I get caught up in dwelling pretty easily. But when things are going well, I am typically too excited about how well things are going that I neglect keeping a record of the good times. So, here’s a random, apropos of not much post about some brief snippets of the good days that were yesterday and today. Apologies in advance for total self-indulgence.

For one, the last two days I’ve had the opportunity to fight the good fight at work. Without going into detail (sorry – this isn’t really the venue for that!), I’ll just say that it’s a great feeling to work alongside dedicated, talented colleagues, and it’s a damn good feeling to fight for something you really care about and to let new talents and skills emerge…and be noticed for them.

So I came home from work today (after a nice, standard 8-hour day!), opened the door to the balcony, and relaxed with a little Mason jar o’ red and “Death Comes to Pemberley” on my Nook. The feline roommate (seen in the background) appreciated the nice weather, too. Little dude loves the balcony.

And how can I forget that I did a ton of running around (literally – running) at work yesterday, went up and down stairs a bunch today, and walked home from the Metro – just shy of 1.5 miles….and no heel/ankle pain through all of that! Still going to rest for a couple days before I try to run, but, man, that’s some improvement!

On the nutrition front, I made another Salad in a Jar on Monday; this time I was inspired to make a burrito-themed salad. Olé!

Salsa as dressing; 1/2 cup rinsed, canned black beans; grape tomatoes; orange bell pepper; 1/2 cup white rice (spiced up with sauteed onions, paprika, cayenne, cumin, and Cholula); 1/4 cup Trader Joe's lite cheese mix; spinach. WW PointsPlus = 8 (7 if you don't add in the onions that were cooked in olive oil...or if you use a points-free oil/amount to cook them).

This one also plated pretty well, although the spinach is kind of lost. Coach, is this variation worthy of being called a Perfectionist Salad?

Incredibly filling.

Thinking back to Monday, post-migraine, that was a good day, too. I missed my regular Monday night yoga class last week, but went on Monday and…yeah…that’s definitely an “appointment” class for me. It was a little crowded after the New Year, but now is a pretty manageable size and a mix of folks who have been attending for a while and new folks. If you’re thinking of trying a yoga class, but unsure of the differences between types of yoga, Fit Bottomed Girls can hook you up with an explanation.

And, finally, no picture to prove it, but I had a damn good hair day today. And with incredibly minimal effort. Bonus.

So, something at which to direct my passion, good health news, a little fruit of the vine, the written word, good food, some exercise, and a good hair day. Pretty simple stuff. It’s all about the little victories and little joys.