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Weekend Update: Countdown to the Half! Edition

March 11, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for March 5-March 11.

Training Mode: Still in the game! This was week 11 of half marathon training, although my schedule is modified from the original based on my injury-induced rest.

Days until the race: 6 (whoa!)

Feelings about the race: Admittedly, I was feeling better this time last week. The tightness in my hip/knee (suspected IT band issue) is back, and I plan on getting it checked out…but unfortunately not until after the race. I’m optimistic that I’ll finish the race and have an awesome time. I’d feel a little better if I wasn’t experiencing a little pain right now.

You can run and tell that: 20; long run: 10.

Busted more moves: Yoga, a lot of extra walking (turned my normal bus-Metro-walk commute to walk-Metro-walk for most of the week, adding in 3 extra miles of walking a day), a new at-home core routine (starting small: 2x of 25 crunches, 20 bicycles, and 30 second plank).

Busted body: Tight hip/knee…IT band?

Ear candy o’ the week: Too easy to get this song stuck in my head this week. My first half marathon is the Rock n’ Roll USA, hence:

Oh yeah. Alright.

The takeaway: With my last long run done before the half, it’s time to taper, although it doesn’t feel like I’ve earned it, considering how much time away from running I had. In the end, it was worth it to take a few weeks off and get back to feeling well, and I know it’ll be worth it to take it easy this week.

Things to work on: keeping my legs feeling good, making an appointment with a specialist.


Weekend Update: Second Time in the Double Digits Edition

March 5, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for February 27-March 4.

Training Mode: Still in the game! This was week 10 of half marathon training, although my schedule is modified from the original based on my injury-induced rest.

Days until the race: 12 (whoa!)

Feelings about the race: Feeling pretty damn good.

You can run and tell that: 23; long run: 10.7. Significance of the title of this post? This 10.7 mile run was on the second run I’ve ever done that was double digit miles! The first was the Army Ten Miler on October 24, 2010.

Busted more moves: Yikes…I only ran this week! Must improve cross-training…

Busted body: I skipped busting more moves because of some…GI issues….I have some food sensitivities and I’m still working them out. I’m proud of myself for running through them, but it meant that I skipped yoga and Body Pump this week.

Ear candy o’ the week: I don’t run outside with an iPod. Startling me usually results in some terrific display of violent flailing and screaming, and I try to avoid inflicting that on innocent trail-goers. Before I left on my long run yesterday, I got this damn fine song stuck in my head. You could do much, much worse that to have the Lumineers crooning to you.

The takeaway: My long run only had one pit stop and two brief periods where I slowed to a walk (not hard when you run as slowly as I do!) to sip water (the drenched look never looked very good on me). As I closed in on two hours of running, I kept thinking back to when I did the Coach to 5K program and I had slight anxiety about each time the time interval that I was jogging increased. Two minutes stretched to three to five to ten to twenty until I jogged a 5K at a full stretch. If you’re out there doubting that you can take your tough five minutes and turn it into something more…well, I won’t say that 120 straight was necessarily easy, but I never had to force myself, and it was incredibly possible.

Things to work on: getting back in the cross-training groove.


Weekend Update: Does a Shakeout Hike Count as a Shakeout Run? Edition

February 27, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for February 20-26.

Training Mode: Still in the game! This was week 9 of half marathon training, although my schedule is modified from the original based on my injury-induced rest.

Days until the race: 19 (wow!)

Feelings about the race: Still feeling pretty good. Wish I was running with someone, but I hope to look for the pacing folks. I need to figure out what I’m going to wear. 🙂

You can run and tell that: 18.25; long run: 8.4

Busted more moves: One Body Pump class, one yoga class, one 5-6 mile hike the day after my long run. Can I call that a “shakeout hike?”

Busted body: A little tenderness in my left shin and right knee. Right knee feels better with some dynamic stretching.

Ear candy o’ the week: I felt solidly “Back on the Train” this week. [A motivational running playlist with Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Johnny Cash, and Phish isn’t weird, right?]

The takeaway: I might need to switch the day I do Body Pump or the day I do my long run. My legs still feel a little tired from Thursday night Body Pump if I go for a Saturday morning long run. And: loved the combo of a run/hike for the agenda this weekend. I’m a happy Outdoorsy Racy Stacie.

Things to work on: purchasing a fuel belt of some kind. See below.

Yep, this gets a little annoying for 8.4 miles.


Weekend Update: Pretty Sure I’m Back on the Train Edition

February 20, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for February 13-19.

Training Mode: BACK IN THE GAME! This was week 8 of half marathon training, although my schedule is modified from the original based on my injury-induced rest.

Days until the race: 26

Feelings about the race: I really wanted this race to be better than I think it’s going to be, but, it’s more important to me that I take care of my body and ensure that I try my best at long-term injury prevention. I wanted to hit a pace of 10:45/mile, but now my goal is to just finish, and I’ll truly be happy with that. Plus, some good friends are also running the race and other friends are cheering us on. And, it’s on St. Patrick’s Day. Clearly, March 17th is going to be awesome.

You can run and tell that: 17.85 (what what!); long run: 7.1

Busted more moves: One Body Pump class, one arc trainer session.

Busted body: Some stress-related GI issues (and that’s all I’ll say about that). A little diet modification is helping.

Ear candy o’ the week: Body Pump release 80 (this week marked my third time doing that one) features a remix of Roxette’s Fading Like a Flower by Dan Winter. It’s catchy and I have it stuck in my head for days after Body Pump. So now it’s your ear candy. You’re welcome.

The takeaway: Around mile 5.5 of my long run, I thought: “Self, you could just walk the rest if you wanted.” Then I mentally smacked myself and revised: “Self, you feel just fine. Why not keep running?” And so I did, and it was just fine. Nay, great. I felt great when I was done, and later that day, I didn’t even feel like I’d run (okay, jogged – the miles were slower than my last race pace) 7 miles. Knocking off the self-doubt is big progress for me.

Things to work on: continuing to get in the miles, continuing trying to complement running with other workouts.


Weekend Update: Running Around the Office is Different Than Running a Race Edition

February 14, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for February 6-12. Eeek – another day-late, dollar-short post! So much for a weekend update…anyway.

Things have been pretty crazy at work; new hours, new responsibilities, a ton of running around at the last minute with a figurative fire under my ass. Happy it’s not a literal one, and, frankly, the excitement is…pretty exciting. But it’s made it hard to stick to a schedule and keep on top of my life. I’m proud to report that Operation: Rein It In was successful. Wish I’d cooked a little more, but, considering that I went in to work on Sunday, too, very productive process of regaining control.

Training Mode: Meh. This should have concluded Week 7 of half marathon training.

Days until the race: 32

You can run and tell that: 3.25 miles! Which is…not enough! But it’s better than it has been!

Busted more moves: One yoga class, one Body Pump class. And…running around my office?

Busted body: …..  (Nothing to report – yay!)

Ear candy o’ the week: I’d forgotten how much awesome music is in my library, what with adding new things to my workout mixes. In rediscovering my more rootsy, folky selections, I remembered that membership at the top of the pop charts isn’t the only thing that makes a great running song. I happily ran to Neko Case’s version of “Soulful Shade of Blue” yesterday; a driving beat, great lyrics, and knowledge that there’s much more to life than Britney Spears will keep you going.

The takeaway: I can’t let changes at work or in life change my habits and affect attainment of goals as much as they did last week. The eating habits were healthy last week, but the fitness habits suffered. I really enjoyed Theodora’s post on staying healthy when busy.

Things to work on: getting back into my running plan (2nd attempt).


Weekend Update: Bringing Sexy Back Edition

February 7, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for January 30 – February 5. (Are there countries in the world where Monday is a weekend? My apologies for a belated post.) I got to bring running back this week, which is damned near as exciting as bringing sexy back.

Training Mode: Hiatus…ish. This should have concluded Week 6 of half marathon training.

Days until the race: 39

You can run and tell that: 2 miles! TWO MILES! I went out for a run after a few days of no pain at all when walking up and down stairs. It felt great.

Busted more moves: One yoga class, one Body Pump class. [And I could bore you with excuses about why that’s such a short list, but I won’t…duly noted that I need to bust more moves if I want to bring sexy back. And I do. I just caught a glimpse at some potential bridesmaid dresses, one of which I’ll be donning in July. I need to bring sexy back. Real bad.]

Busted body: A tight left calf…can’t seem to stretch it out very well.

Ear candy o’ the week: May you someday be as blessed as I was to have a sweaty, slightly scary gay man yelling at me that he was going to take us all to “The Edge of Glory” when we went to, THAT’S RIGHT, LADIES….SINGLES!!!! I really like Body Pump and my super enthusiastic instructor.

The takeaway: It felt great to run again, but some lingering tightness in my left calf is a reminder that I can’t expect to just hop back into my training plan as if nothing was wrong with my leg.

Things to work on: getting back into my running plan, better healthy meal preparation. Every meal can’t devolve into scrambled eggs or Greek yogurt or hummus.


Monday night update: I left my regular Monday night yoga class tonight feeling…blah. Similar moves as always, but my legs just felt…heavy. And all of my muscles felt sore. Hangover from the weekend? Not sure, but it’s frustrating. I typically look forward to this class as an opportunity to feel strong, but I just felt weak. Proud of myself for not giving up, but a reminder that not every day will be your best day.

Ever have those days when there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why you’re not feeling your best?


Weekend Update: Those Who Can’t Run…Cross! Edition

January 29, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for January 23 – January 29. My last run was January 16th, and I tried to run on the treadmill yesterday…no dice. The pain in my heel has gone down, and it doesn’t hurt to walk around and I only feel a slight tingle when I go down stairs, but I think more running rest is needed. So…those who can’t run…cross train!

Training Mode: Hiatus. This should have concluded Week 5 of half marathon training.

Days until the race: 47

You can run and tell that: 0 miles. 😦

Busted more moves: One non-challenging session on the elliptical; three sessions on the arc trainer followed by the recumbent bike (one not very challenging, two pretty challenging); two sessions of strength training; one trip to the pool for a swim.

Busted body: Left heel.

Ear candy o’ the week: The weather was so nice the last few days, making me a little sad about being confined to the gym (although check out this, um, interesting piece of equipment). I just wanted to break free and run outside…thanks, Queen…

Let me out, let me out!

The takeaway: Channeling my inner mermaid was fun. I’d, frankly, forgotten how to breathe efficiently while swimming…and some of the finer points of technique…funny how that happens when you don’t swim much over the years! Thankfully a former swim coach friend helped me out. And I got a new accessory. Win!



Things to work on: finding a doctor, developing a strength training plan.