Five Things Friday: Funny S&*%!

April 6, 2012

Between a little anxiety about this job transition and being bummed about my leg (oh, aches and pains don’t get you down? Please, share your secret…), I’ll admit to being a little less chipper than usual. But some really funny shit went down this week, and I’m grateful for the comic relief.

Five Things Friday: Funny Shit edition.

1. Here is a collection of funny Hunger Games-themed memes, and I almost wet myself when I saw the second one. They are all pretty good, but the second one…well, you can run and tell that. (Yeah, yeah, it did not come out this week…forgive me for being over the age of 18 and not discovering stuff instantly.)

Here’s one that’s funny because it’s true…


2. I went to the hospital to get an x-ray of my hip. Radiology receptionist = most amazing person I’ve met recently. She asked about my insurance and how I liked it. We commiserated over how, if it were employer-sponsored, they’d be glad to have me because I’m so healthy and don’t drive up their costs. But because I buy it myself, I’m treated like crap.

Then she asked about my hip. I told her about it. Then she told me about her knee problems.

Now, I want you to envision an older native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander who has the wit and spunk of Betty White.


So I say, “What did they do for your knees?”

She says, “Oh, honey, they told me they could put in some PLASTIC in my knees. Like, Tupperware! Plastic! I told that doctor, you’d better send me to freakin’ rehab.”

[I’m assuming Hawaiian Betty White would say: yes, yes, yes.]

3. Oh, I guess this is a theme now, but here’s something else that isn’t new this week, but WAS new-to-me this week! Enthusiastic Runner’s post about things she’s not loving right now. I die. Number 10. Yes. Whyyyy do people like those trashy shoes?? [TWO THEMES! Her post is also funny because it’s true.]

4. I can’t decide if my mom is ingenious or ridiculous. But she and I are playing Draw Something (awww…connecting across the miles! Wait! Why aren’t there directions?? Google Maps! Get on it!) and I’m a little jealous because she plays on her iPad and uses a Stylus. So, obviously, her drawings are going to be significantly superior to mine, right?

Here’s a repro of one she sent:

Ale Box? Porn Square? What?

Then she erased that one and quickly drew this: (I waited a good 30 seconds before I realized that’s all I was getting…)

Ohhhh...I get it. The box and/or square BELONGS to X! Wait...what??

So, you don’t have benefit of seeing my letter choices, but I will tell you that the final word is 7 letters.

I used a bomb and with the remaining letters figured out that the word could ONLY be “newyork.” I had to email to figure out what the picture was. I will let you guess.

I suppose it makes sense…if you can figure out what the picture is supposed to be.

5. And…super awkward humor. Maybe it’s not even funny. I guess it’s more like – wow! Life happens! People are human!

The furry roommate has had some issues lately and needed a trip to the vet. He’s always really excited to go to the vet.

Please, someone, make this a meme.

So we’re in the exam room. The vet got sick and puked in front of me. I felt really terribly for her.

But that wasn’t the awkward part.

The awkward part was that she went into the hallway connecting the exam rooms, and fellow vets were trying to help her (she thinks she ate something bad). And I could hear everything they were saying. Including my vet talking about how she was embarrassed because she needed to come back and finish the exam, but she thought I’d be really offended and maybe even have left already, or complain to someone, and she was FLIPPING out about my reaction. I REALLY wanted to just go back there and give her a hug and tell her it was no big deal, but then they’d know…that I heard everything.

So….ha ha! Life happens!

OK, right, so that wasn’t necessarily super funny (what would be funnier is if I’d gotten a picture of my cat observing her as she crawled out of the room…such a look of concern on his face!).

Here’s a re-do for #5:

There’s a damn good deal out right now for Busted Tees.

Don’t know about Busted Tees? So many giggles and snickers…but here are some of my favorites:

Happy Friday, and happy new wardrobe!


  1. This all sounds so familiar…j/k j/k. Love the Ryan Gosling shirt! And Camp Anawana. If only that had the lyrics on the back….

  2. PS. Did you get you the deal? Which shirt are you going to buy?

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