When Yoga is Your PITA

March 26, 2012

So, I have a pain in the ass. My doctor approved yoga, with the warning that if the poses were hurting me, I’d take child’s pose and proceed from there. She agreed that yoga stretching could help, and I looked forward to my regular Monday night vinyasa class.

Until my regular Monday night vinyasa class WAS the pain in my ass. Vinyasa (flow yoga) is awesome…and in my class, you never know what you’re going to get. If the instructor told me that I’d be in utkatasana for the better part of an hour, I would have stayed at home in child’s pose in my PJs. Instead I tried half of the class and then…left. I felt a little bad about leaving, but I was just getting frustrated, and didn’t feel like I could focus on the class.

Ohhhh...it's an IMAGINARY chair. Still a pain in the ass.

I was pretty jittery, too; I am hoping that was just a side effect of the prednisone (and not a sure sign of impending crazy). The doctor warned me about that as a side effect, and, true to form for me when I take medicine, I was a crazy, shaky, hyper girl before class. Not exactly calming at 8:30 on a Monday night…

Two more days of prednisone. Walking feels great, but sitting at my desk chair for much of the day feels counter-productive. It seems like the tightness/pain is alleviated more quickly once I stop doing things that aggravate it, so…progress?

Big thumbs up for sleeping. No pain there.

Downward-facing cat likes home practice. And naps.



  1. eeek! I hope you get better soon!!

    • Thanks! Trying to take care so I can get back to running soon!

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