Hydration! Attempt #2

March 14, 2012

During my manic list-making phase, I added: buy a fuel belt. Carrying a water bottle in my hand, while incredibly attractive and only mildly practical, was getting annoying. So we’ll consider that Attempt #1 and move right along…

And that's just the little guy for shorter, winter runs...

Without doing much research (nerd alert: rare for me), I went to a running store and a big box sporting goods retailer and did the only thing I thought would possibly help me make a decision: I strapped a few different fuel belts on and ran through the aisles. The older I get, the less shenanigans like this bother me. I think I’d have been embarrassed as a 20 year old; now I’d rather get what I want and be confident in my purchases.

So I bought Attempt #2:

I'd post a picture of the belt in use, but I'm pretty sure the world has been attracted to staring at my ass enough simply by wearing it out on the trail. No need for more exposure.

It’s a Nathan Triangle, and while I’d like to say that I did some incredible scientific study of the various fuel belts out there, I really just tried to see how difficult it was for me to get the water bottle out of the holster while jogging through crowded stores.

This one seemed to be no better or worse than the kinds with two-four smaller bottles, maybe even a little easier. Given no significant different in comfort or ease, I went with price, and this was cheaper than the multi-bottle belts. More money to put toward new shoes? Win.

The first few runs I did with the belt seemed just fine, but overall this may not be such a win. I need to experiment with where I wear the belt, but I’m pretty experienced with backpacking and proper placement of weight on hips, and this just wasn’t doing it for me. I felt like the bottle was jabbing me right in the nerves in my lower back after a few miles.

So…maybe Attempt #3 is forthcoming?

Fellow runners, got a favorite hydration/fuel belt? What is it, and what do you like about it?



  1. By racie demand (literally), I am posting my suggestion here:

    Not that I have one, but a friend does and she highly recommended it.

  2. i actually prefer the handheld water bottles. They can be tightened around your hand, so you dont have to put much effort into actually holding on. I dont think i’d like feeling the jiggle/swish of the water in the bottle around my waist, so the handheld was really the best option for me.

    • Hmmm – that’s definitely something to consider, although the jiggle/swish hasn’t bothered me too much yet. I’m strongly considering those hand-held/tightenable ones. Yeah, tightenable.

  3. I went with the multiple small bottle belt. I felt like the weight was more evenly distributed, and less like I was being stabbed in the back with a blunt object. Plus, for longer runs I can fill half the bottles with Gatorade and half with plain water for beverage options.

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