Weekend Update: Countdown to the Half! Edition

March 11, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for March 5-March 11.

Training Mode: Still in the game! This was week 11 of half marathon training, although my schedule is modified from the original based on my injury-induced rest.

Days until the race: 6 (whoa!)

Feelings about the race: Admittedly, I was feeling better this time last week. The tightness in my hip/knee (suspected IT band issue) is back, and I plan on getting it checked out…but unfortunately not until after the race. I’m optimistic that I’ll finish the race and have an awesome time. I’d feel a little better if I wasn’t experiencing a little pain right now.

You can run and tell that: 20; long run: 10.

Busted more moves: Yoga, a lot of extra walking (turned my normal bus-Metro-walk commute to walk-Metro-walk for most of the week, adding in 3 extra miles of walking a day), a new at-home core routine (starting small: 2x of 25 crunches, 20 bicycles, and 30 second plank).

Busted body: Tight hip/knee…IT band?

Ear candy o’ the week: Too easy to get this song stuck in my head this week. My first half marathon is the Rock n’ Roll USA, hence:

Oh yeah. Alright.

The takeaway: With my last long run done before the half, it’s time to taper, although it doesn’t feel like I’ve earned it, considering how much time away from running I had. In the end, it was worth it to take a few weeks off and get back to feeling well, and I know it’ll be worth it to take it easy this week.

Things to work on: keeping my legs feeling good, making an appointment with a specialist.


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