Weekend Update: Second Time in the Double Digits Edition

March 5, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for February 27-March 4.

Training Mode: Still in the game! This was week 10 of half marathon training, although my schedule is modified from the original based on my injury-induced rest.

Days until the race: 12 (whoa!)

Feelings about the race: Feeling pretty damn good.

You can run and tell that: 23; long run: 10.7. Significance of the title of this post? This 10.7 mile run was on the second run I’ve ever done that was double digit miles! The first was the Army Ten Miler on October 24, 2010.

Busted more moves: Yikes…I only ran this week! Must improve cross-training…

Busted body: I skipped busting more moves because of some…GI issues….I have some food sensitivities and I’m still working them out. I’m proud of myself for running through them, but it meant that I skipped yoga and Body Pump this week.

Ear candy o’ the week: I don’t run outside with an iPod. Startling me usually results in some terrific display of violent flailing and screaming, and I try to avoid inflicting that on innocent trail-goers. Before I left on my long run yesterday, I got this damn fine song stuck in my head. You could do much, much worse that to have the Lumineers crooning to you.

The takeaway: My long run only had one pit stop and two brief periods where I slowed to a walk (not hard when you run as slowly as I do!) to sip water (the drenched look never looked very good on me). As I closed in on two hours of running, I kept thinking back to when I did the Coach to 5K program and I had slight anxiety about each time the time interval that I was jogging increased. Two minutes stretched to three to five to ten to twenty until I jogged a 5K at a full stretch. If you’re out there doubting that you can take your tough five minutes and turn it into something more…well, I won’t say that 120 straight was necessarily easy, but I never had to force myself, and it was incredibly possible.

Things to work on: getting back in the cross-training groove.


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