Three Things Thursday: Fashion for Losers Edition

March 2, 2012

Losers of weight, that is.

Disclaimer: I have very little good fashion sense. But I have been losing weight, and I do want to look presentable and nice…sometimes I even surprise myself and look pretty damn good. I also have been in career transition since starting my weight loss journey, and while I’m a good gardener, I have yet to figure out how to grow a money tree.

I remember emailing a friend and saying, “Losing weight SUCKS!” because I was frustrated with my wardrobe. Obviously, I don’t mean it. I’m really happy with my progress, and I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I describe the ill-fitting clothes and need for new ones as my good-bad problem.

Apologies to any male readers out there, but here are three things geared toward lady losers who aren’t sure how to tackle the good-bad problem. These tend to work when you’re between sizes or maybe have lost 10-15 pounds. Once you start losing more, you may need to just suck it up and buy smaller sizes. When that happened, I bought cheap: jeans from Old Navy? Yes. Running clothes from Target? Absolutely. [Who am I kidding? I’d buy those things anyway, but the point is: save your $$ for your dream jeans when you’ve hit – and maintained – your weight goal.]

1. Skirts and dresses > pants. YMMV, but for me, skirts and dresses seemed to “fit” longer and look less frumpy than pants did. It may be because skirts and dresses don’t do that terrible thing that ill-fitting pants do: give you saggy ass. I also noticed that I could pull my pants off without unbuttoning/unzipping them. Slouchy pants? Not cute. But dresses that were a little big? Belt ’em.

2. Shrink and deflect. I shrunk the hell out of whatever I could. If that didn’t work, but things seemed almost close to what I was going for, I deflected with accessories. I was the queen of scarves this winter. With a few basic, solid color, inexpensive tops, I could mix and match jewelry and scarves to have different outfits. And if some of my older shirts were a little big or frumpy, the fun accessories deflected attention from saggy shoulders.

3. Borrow! I’ve received overwhelming support from my friends, including material support. When I first brought up my good-bad problem, a friend offered that she had a ton of stuff in storage that she’d saved from when she was smaller. She lent me some good work pieces, and in the process, remembered how much she liked her old clothes, and is now on her own journey. Aside from her generous offer, I’ve also become bolder about asking. I needed some nicer things to wear for a work event, and I asked my roommate if she could help. Most folks usually have some extra things they don’t have in rotation now, and I’ve been touched with the help my friends have provided. You can also glam it up with a [healthy] brunch or cocktail hour at home and invite friends over for a clothing exchange.

Bonus #4: If you find a good tailor, have things taken in. This also tends to work best with skirts, or any item of clothing with simple seams. If you’ve got complicated waistbands or seams, it’ll cost more, and you may find yourself wishing you’d just bought something new. If blouses still fit in the shoulders, but have extra material below the bust, a tailor (or your mom…who gave me these pointers) can add darts, making the shirt fitted to your new rockin’ bod.

Yeah, I said it. Rockin’ bod.

For more tips, WebMD of all places has an article about it.

What are your tips? How have you fashionably shown off your in-process weight loss without breaking the bank?



  1. Hey, I know that friend…. 🙂

    • Well, hello, friend. 🙂

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