Surprise Wednesday Run

February 16, 2012

Life slowed down at work today and I cut out early. Best. decision. ever. It was in the low 50s and sunny, and there was a rail-trail calling my name, beseeching me to run.

I happily obliged and got in a nice 5 miler. I’m trying to get back into my training schedule, and today’s option was a cross-train or a 3 mile run. So…I overshot a bit, but after weeks of not hitting the mark, this felt like a big victory. I felt awesome, the weather was fantastic, and it was nice to run in the daylight and with nothing that I had to “run” off to as soon as the run was done. I don’t like running with the pressure that I have somewhere to be.

And, I realized that I really like 5 miles. It’s a nice distance.

And as a follow-up to yesterday, here’s the 23-pound difference. On the left: me in the dress I tried so hard to find because nothing fit, which then inspired me to try to lose some weight and generally lead a healthier life. On the right: me, today, just before leaving for my run. And wearing the super-cute headband a friend gave me, which so nicely goes with my favorite running shirt (oooh – glad I looked this up – they are on sale right now!).

I’m sure there are other pictures floating around out there that show the difference in my body, but frankly, I probably didn’t save them. I wasn’t too proud of how large or out of shape I’d gotten.

Anyway, going to spend the rest of my night basking in the awesomeness that was leaving work early and having an awesome run. I hope I don’t jinx it, but I think I’m…



  1. Yay! There’s nothing like a great run to get you back into it! 🙂

  2. There is something about that magical five mile goal – four feels slightly wimpy, but six is like crowding in on “long run” territory.

    • Exactly! But my weekend 7-miler felt good, too. 🙂 I just can’t typically get the motivation to do that before work when it’s cold…and when I’m slow. When I’m faster and it doesn’t take so long, then sure. But for now, I’m diggin’ on those 5-milers.

  3. My husband and I always crack up at the “most interesting man” commercials. I LOVE that 5-mile picture! Sigh – I miss running so much.

    • You’ll get back to it! Just saw your post about how far along you are – best wishes for the remainder! Do you think you’ll run with a jogging stroller?

      • Thanks! I hope so – we just got a jogging stroller! But I live in TX so running in the summer w/ a baby = no go. I’ll probably start up in the fall, but just do indoor exercises/strength training in the meantime.

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