Operation: Rein It In

February 11, 2012

Whoa, Nelly. Time to rein it in. I went from having a pretty great, focused week to a week of being just OK about fitness and nutrition (you can’t tell about the nutrition part from my post, but I remember being just OK about it) to this week. Where things seemed to fall to hell.

I haven’t run in over a week. My apartment looks like someone threw a grenade into it. And I’m really behind on catching up with folks and some other miscellany that needs attention. I need to GSD (Get Sh*t Done). I’m proud of myself that I’ve kept my usual stress-induced poor eating habits at bay; normally when chaos starts to creep in (another week of long days at work), the cupcakes start to magically appear…this week there was only one instance of celebratory cupcake consumption.

Anyway, things are starting to feel a little out of  control. I’d felt some hyper-control over my life for a while, and I find myself slipping back into bad habits.

Hitting that reset button this weekend! OK, so maybe the whole of life can’t have a reset button, but in this journey toward healthier living, I find that I’m more aware of when things start getting unraveled, and I can make small resets when I start to get off course.

Big shout-out to the practices of journaling and logging things like food and workouts. Actually seeing my habits on paper screen is a very objective reminder of lagging commitment, and I think helps me to recognize that the more subjective feelings of stress or being sluggish aren’t random. Prior to keeping track of these things, I’d go much longer down the not-so-healthy path before trying to turn around, and sometimes by that point, the whole process would just feel overwhelming.

So time to restore some balance and a little control; hyper control may be the opposite of out of control, but it’s not especially healthy either. This weekend is Operation: Rein It In!



  1. love it, racy stacie! totally agree… i’m all about Operation: Rein It In!
    you’re not alone, i feel exactly the same way…

    • Thanks, lady! It might also be a little bit of Operation: Treat Yo Self this weekend, too. I might need some new fine leather goods.

      • ooh i heart leather!

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