Good Day, Sunshine

February 2, 2012

It’s only Wednesday, but…what a week! A pretty terrible migraine slayed me on Monday, but yesterday brought some exciting things at work (and a subsequent 14-hour workday…that I…loved. Please check me for signs of delusion). I didn’t get to take advantage of the nice weather yesterday, but did get out for an afternoon stroll today. When I journal (or, oh hey, blog), it’s easy for me to write about the bad things; I get caught up in dwelling pretty easily. But when things are going well, I am typically too excited about how well things are going that I neglect keeping a record of the good times. So, here’s a random, apropos of not much post about some brief snippets of the good days that were yesterday and today. Apologies in advance for total self-indulgence.

For one, the last two days I’ve had the opportunity to fight the good fight at work. Without going into detail (sorry – this isn’t really the venue for that!), I’ll just say that it’s a great feeling to work alongside dedicated, talented colleagues, and it’s a damn good feeling to fight for something you really care about and to let new talents and skills emerge…and be noticed for them.

So I came home from work today (after a nice, standard 8-hour day!), opened the door to the balcony, and relaxed with a little Mason jar o’ red and “Death Comes to Pemberley” on my Nook. The feline roommate (seen in the background) appreciated the nice weather, too. Little dude loves the balcony.

And how can I forget that I did a ton of running around (literally – running) at work yesterday, went up and down stairs a bunch today, and walked home from the Metro – just shy of 1.5 miles….and no heel/ankle pain through all of that! Still going to rest for a couple days before I try to run, but, man, that’s some improvement!

On the nutrition front, I made another Salad in a Jar on Monday; this time I was inspired to make a burrito-themed salad. Olé!

Salsa as dressing; 1/2 cup rinsed, canned black beans; grape tomatoes; orange bell pepper; 1/2 cup white rice (spiced up with sauteed onions, paprika, cayenne, cumin, and Cholula); 1/4 cup Trader Joe's lite cheese mix; spinach. WW PointsPlus = 8 (7 if you don't add in the onions that were cooked in olive oil...or if you use a points-free oil/amount to cook them).

This one also plated pretty well, although the spinach is kind of lost. Coach, is this variation worthy of being called a Perfectionist Salad?

Incredibly filling.

Thinking back to Monday, post-migraine, that was a good day, too. I missed my regular Monday night yoga class last week, but went on Monday and…yeah…that’s definitely an “appointment” class for me. It was a little crowded after the New Year, but now is a pretty manageable size and a mix of folks who have been attending for a while and new folks. If you’re thinking of trying a yoga class, but unsure of the differences between types of yoga, Fit Bottomed Girls can hook you up with an explanation.

And, finally, no picture to prove it, but I had a damn good hair day today. And with incredibly minimal effort. Bonus.

So, something at which to direct my passion, good health news, a little fruit of the vine, the written word, good food, some exercise, and a good hair day. Pretty simple stuff. It’s all about the little victories and little joys.


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