Weekend Update: Those Who Can’t Run…Cross! Edition

January 29, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for January 23 – January 29. My last run was January 16th, and I tried to run on the treadmill yesterday…no dice. The pain in my heel has gone down, and it doesn’t hurt to walk around and I only feel a slight tingle when I go down stairs, but I think more running rest is needed. So…those who can’t run…cross train!

Training Mode: Hiatus. This should have concluded Week 5 of half marathon training.

Days until the race: 47

You can run and tell that: 0 miles. 😦

Busted more moves: One non-challenging session on the elliptical; three sessions on the arc trainer followed by the recumbent bike (one not very challenging, two pretty challenging); two sessions of strength training; one trip to the pool for a swim.

Busted body: Left heel.

Ear candy o’ the week: The weather was so nice the last few days, making me a little sad about being confined to the gym (although check out this, um, interesting piece of equipment). I just wanted to break free and run outside…thanks, Queen…

Let me out, let me out!

The takeaway: Channeling my inner mermaid was fun. I’d, frankly, forgotten how to breathe efficiently while swimming…and some of the finer points of technique…funny how that happens when you don’t swim much over the years! Thankfully a former swim coach friend helped me out. And I got a new accessory. Win!



Things to work on: finding a doctor, developing a strength training plan.


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