Three Things Thursday: The Toolkit Edition

January 27, 2012

Three things for this Thursday? Here are three sites that I like to think of as being part of my virtual toolkit. If I’m looking for ideas, inspiration, or information, here are my go-to sites. I hope to add more to this toolkit, but without further ado, the first three:

1. Greatist – So many good, dare I say great, things about health, nutrition, fitness, and more on this site! I love the lists of things: easy swaps you can make in your life, foods that aren’t as healthy as you think, myths about stretching, and more. I’ve only known about this site for a few days, but I am hooked, hooked, I tell you. When you need a wealth of easily digestible information, you need Greatist. They are up for a health blog award, so if you also gets your kicks at Greatist, vote for ’em here.

2. Pinterest – Sure, you can log in to Pinterest and find an over abundance of wedding ideas, perfectly polished nails, and more cupcakes time to make them. But if you look past the “Everything” category, you’ll find some inspirational quotes (Are some of these cheesy? Yes. Do some of them make you want to get out there on a run or to the gym and kick some ass? Give it a shot, you may be surprised), some great recipes, and some time-saving ideas (like my Salad in a Jar!). So if you’re willing to get sucked into a black hole the first few times you log in, give it a spin…


3. Fit Bottomed Girls – Again, plethora of information, personal stories, and a variety of topics to keep you informed, entertained, and inspired to migrate from a fat bottomed girl to a fit bottomed girl. Love this site.

Fit Bottomed Girls

What’s in your virtual toolkit?


One comment

  1. Don’t you just love Pinterest??!?!! LOVE IT!

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