Be Prepared, or “Sh*t! I Forgot That, Too?”

January 26, 2012

Be prepared, dear readers, I have some questions I hope you can help me out on! Read on.

Yes, yes, “Be prepared,” is the Boy Scout motto, and, well, I wasn’t a Boy Scout. But! I was a Girl Scout, and I’m the daughter of someone who made his career planning supplies and logistics. I am one prepared gal.

Except for Monday. I broke with routine on Monday. Typically, if I go to the gym in the evening, I come home first and can prepare for an evening workout there. But Monday’s plan was to go to the gym immediately from work. Naturally, I found myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off (nice imagery, right?) Monday morning, trying to pack enough food for lunch, snacks, and pre-workout, and making sure I had everything I needed for the gym.

Headed to the gym and…

This is actually not me at the gym, it's me at home after the gym, clearly looking incredibly sultry. Freak out effect is still the same. And if you're wondering why my face is so red, yes, somewhere in them there genes is some Irish, but click on the pic for a better explanation.

I’d forgotten damned near half of what I needed.

I remembered:



sports bra





And forgot:


hair tie





But thanks be to Walgreen’s for:

hair tie



I’m a planner by nature and book-learnin’. Breaking my routine and being so ill-prepared kind of killed my mojo. But I got in a good workout, and did a better job groggily dumping all of my crap into a bag Tuesday morning. Which reminds me of the time that a friend reported that when she got to the gym, her gym bag contained three sports bras and no pants. She works at a school; I’ll forgive her the early morning absentmindedness.

If you’ve ever left essentials out of your gym bag, what did you do to wing it?


While I wait to see what’s going on with my heel/ankle/lower leg/blah, ellipticals, arc trainers, and recumbent bikes have been OK. [OK being the operative word…they are fine on my heel, they are not fine for my brain, which gets bored very easily.]

I’ve known for a while that I need to add in a legit (i.e. – I don’t do it twice a year) strength training regimen, but….I don’t even know where to begin. I know how to use weight machines and do some things with free weights, and a few sessions with a trainer gave me some cardio routines (mmm…mountain climbers) to do, but I feel like I’m flailing a little with how to proceed with a set routine and marking improvement. If I were starting a running program, I’d look for a beginner program. Once I did that, I’d focus on improving my speed or distance or both.

But where to begin with TTAR (Things That Aren’t Running)? Amanda over at Fancy Oatmeal talked about the wide range of workouts you can find on Pinterest, and wide and ranging they are. Some are probably questionable and others are probably really great workouts. But where to begin? Is there a Couch to Conditioned program? And what do you call all those random sheets with 100 of these, 50 of those, etc., etc. Is that considered cardio?

If you incorporate strength training into your workout routine, how’d you begin? 



  1. I’ve forgotten my sports bra and headphones – both of which I cannot workout without. Kudos to you for not being thrown by your missing items!

  2. Ooh – yeah, sports bra would be really hard. I’d have a hard time working out without that. The headphones were hard, too. When I run outside, I run without headphones…the scenery changes, you can hear things, you don’t get plowed into by a cyclist…but the elliptical sans headphones was a little brutal!

  3. One day this week I went to the gym first thing and packed my clothes for the rest of the day. I manage to forget my cardigan (spent all day wearing my jacket), hairbrush (finger comb and ponytail) and bra (sweaty sports bra under my tee and jacket: comfy).

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