Weekend Update: Benched Edition…Part II

January 23, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for January 16 – January 22. Warning: it was a lame week.

Training Mode: Unofficially benched. This was Week 4 of half training, and I’ve got some pain radiating into my left heel. I’ve ordered myself to rest, and I’m working on getting a doctor’s appointment, because the pain isn’t really subsiding. Hoping there’s a fix that doesn’t involve being officially benched.

Days until the race: 54

You can run and tell that: 3.5 miles

Busted more moves: a one-hour yoga class, walking.

Busted body: I broke myself. Well, I broke my lower body.

Ear candy o’ the week: Put on a Debbie Downer sketch, repeat. Kidding! Since I can’t run, how about “Patience” from G’n’R? Oh…also not helpful? OK, OK. Here’s one of the most badass songs I know: “All I Do is Win.” Try to NOT kick ass in your workout when you listen to this. You can’t. Fact.

And Snoopy’s in the hoopty.

The takeaway: Resting is tough…

Things to work on: low-impact alternatives

Random couch-sitting thought: I know most people say that it’s almost more painful to NOT do something than to do something when they are injured. They’ve got an itch: you can’t run, all you want to do is run; you can’t swim, all you want to do is swim, etc. I was sitting on the couch the other day (a scheduled run day), and thought, Self, you could just hang out on the couch, and not get back out there. And it would be pretty easy. Confirms for me that this period of rest – and, longer term, keeping up with a good routine through life’s punches – will be tough. It’ll be a challenge to get back out there.

But I accept.



  1. Love that it’s by DJ Khaled! Ha. Khaled is the name of our friend Reem’s husband, and they are living in Dubai right now. And I do love me some G n’ R.

    Sorry you are benched right now, but I am proud of you, as usual, for accepting the greater challenge. You are being smart…the mindset I often have to remind myself of is “run (or rest) so you can run another day)”. It will only make you stronger mentally as well as physically. Now go show them weights who’s boss!

  2. I’ve been out of running for so long now that the itch doesn’t bother me too bad anymore, but I sure know what it’s like!! I don’t know if you have access to a pool, but pool running is a really good way to cross train. Resting is tough, but it makes you stronger mentally and physically!!

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