Three Things Thursday: The DL Edition

January 20, 2012

I’m on the DL. The Disabled List. I’m benched. I’ve got a dull, persistent pain in my lower left leg (discomfort particularly felt near the ankle and into the heel), punctuated by occasional acute pain associated with extra or different impact. Sure, stairs hurt, but did you know that the force of a Metro stopping haphazardly while you’re standing up could send shooting pain up through your hip? No? Now you do! Don’t try this at home, DC, it’s a hot mess on the Metro some days.

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s pretty clear to me that this is one of those times that I shouldn’t try to run through the pain. Although I’m still learning where that line falls. How do you know when you should push through or rest up?

So here are my Three Things…what I’ll do while I’m on the DL:

1. Eat my feelings. Mmmm. If you’re in the DC area, be sure to check out the DC Shawarma food truck. Not into the goodness that is shawarma? Boom: Food Truck Fiesta.

2. Become a crazy cat lady.

How could you resist that face? Don't you just want to sit around on your ass all day with that face?

3. Drink my feelings. Ahhh, analgesic side effects. Fantastic.

Home-infused fig vodka and fig gin. Tip: the vodka tastes better, but the gin is probably better for sorrow-drowning.

OK, OK, I kid, I kid. I did eat lunch from the shawarma truck (get the pulled lamb), I do have a pretty damned cute cat, and I enjoy sharing my home-infused fig vodka with others. But these things probably aren’t going to make me feel better in the long run. Right now I’m feeling pretty frustrated, hamstrung (actually, no pain there, thankfully), and stifled in my fitness/weight loss efforts.

Here’s a better Three Things list:

1. Try some new recipes to keep things interesting and try to be more mindful of my WW plan while I can’t exercise as much as I’d like (and maybe not rush to every food truck that comes near my office…). Tonight I made Mark Bittman’s Red Bean Paella with Tomatoes (page 300 of The Food Matters Cookbook). I skipped the saffron (didn’t have any) and cut back a little on the amount of olive oil; this was quite the delightful dish.

2. Educate myself. Starting with researching my health insurance and calling around to find out who I can see about this. And learning a little more about leg anatomy, so I can accurately describe where I have pain.

3. Get myself excited about low impact workouts. Serves a dual purpose of fending off the eating-of-feelings and keeping me away from Googling symptoms and freaking out. I haven’t spent much time swimming since I was a kid, but a combo of asthma and occasional bad reaction to chlorine have kept me out of the pool. I’m willing to give it another shot, and a former swim coach friend of mine has promised to help me, starting with sticking my head in a bathtub or bowl of water and re-learning how to breathe. Oh, you want pictures? Ha.

Bring on the rest days…but hopefully for not too long…?

What do you do to keep active (and keep your frustration level down) when you’re on the DL?



  1. Hope it’s not Achilles tendinitis…that’s what has me on the DL and you do NOT want to push through the pain if it is.

    • Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with that! I’m not familiar with Achilles tendonitis – how does it manifest?

  2. Girl! I want some of that FIG VODKA!!!!! 🙂

    • And how do I keep forgetting that we’re neighbors? I have family in town this weekend, but after that….prepare for an amazing cocktail, friend.

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