NPR + exercise = nerdy sweat, and love

January 17, 2012

I was JUST thinking about how my ear candy has changed as a result of working out more frequently, and lo and behold, NPR delivers with the Ultimate NPR Workout Mix. If you know me, you know I get the shakes if I go too long without some good NPR. Nerd love, friends. Nerd. love. Looking forward to spicing up my iPod.

And speaking of throwing things out into the universe and hoping they’ll come back to you…at my regular Monday night yoga class, the instructor announced that, at the request of someone in the class, we’d be working on the hips/IT band. Mind you, I’ve been struggling with some hip/IT band pain for a couple weeks now. Last week when the instructor reminded us that we could put in requests for the class, I felt that asking for something to help with a tight IT band would be too specific or individual. Glad that I’m not alone (although I’m really sorry that your IT band is also sore, random guy in my yoga class!) and that we could work on it.

Now, I’d really like a kayak. Universe?


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