Weekend Update: XT FTW

January 15, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for January 9 – January 15, where I actually did all of my cross trains…plus one! XT for the win!

Training Mode: In it, and close to back on track with hitting all of my training days and cross trains. Week 3 complete.

Days until the race: 61

You can run and tell that: 10 miles (scheduled: 12)

Busted more moves: a one-hour yoga class, a one-hour Body Attack (crazy cardio/plyometrics) class, two sessions on an elliptical followed by strength training

Busted body: hip doesn’t seem to hurt as much, fingers crossed that the pain was temporary!

Ear candy o’ the week: A little number crunching tells me that, if I keep up running past my half marathon training, it won’t take much effort to run (at least) 500 miles this year. How appropriate that my running mix includes this fine number:

The takeaway: I scheduled brunch with a friend for right after my long weekend training run. That was great motivation to get my butt out the door and get the run in. I would have done it, but probably would have lounged around a little longer. It was a good accountability measure, too, to tell my friend how far I was planning to run. He was, fortunately, very gracious about dining with a sweaty mess.

Things to work on: strength training, hitting all of my training miles

Words of wisdom: I was chatting with my old roommate Erin (heyyyyy, Erin!) about working out versus not working out, the excuses we give to not work out, and how, in the end, we’re happier when we do. I mentioned that I recently came to the realization that I truly was not very active, ever. It’s not like I was ever in shape, got out of shape, and now I’m trying to get back. I’m pretty sure I was just never in shape. Erin’s words of wisdom to this: “It’s so easy to do nothing and to not realize how much nothing one can do.”




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