Three Things Thursday: Evolution, Baby! Pt. 1

January 13, 2012

Since examining my eating and exercising habits in July, I’ve come a moderate way. I won’t say a long way, but I think I’ve evolved in the proper care and feeding of me. As I focus more on fitness and nutrition, I’ve noticed some changes in my life. Here’s a round of three of those changes.

1. Laundry! I do laundry with greater frequency. I’ll attribute this to two things: 1) I work out more, and I don’t have a ton of comfy workout attire, so…I do more laundry. And, 2) dropping 20-25 pounds has left some of my clothes dropping off of me! It’s a good/bad problem. Some clothes were OK to keep wearing, but some things just look funny or flat out don’t fit well. Since I’m not quite where I want to be weight/size-wise, I’m trying to make do with a few purchased pieces and the kindness of friends who have lent me things. That also means: more frequent laundering!

2. Music! This time last year my iPod most frequently spun the likes of the following:

I still love some good bluegrass and folk inspired rock, but it doesn’t get me in the mood to rock a run or workout quite like this:

3. Courage! I have more of it, for sure. I realized this last night when I was looking for the hip abductor machine at my gym. It’s in the basement, where I hadn’t really ventured before. Turns out, the basement is the Lair of Men Who Pump Iron, and at 9:45 last night, I was the only chick on the floor. I was waiting to be exiled, but the guys left me alone. Pre-racy Stacie might have been really intimidated but Racy Stacie really wanted to do some hip exercises, and ignored the looks. Pre-racy Stacie also would never have taken classes at the gym that she didn’t know anything about, but Racy Stacie is more willing to try new things. [We’ll ignore that the instructor at tonight’s new class called me out a little for not doing enough push-ups, but, in general, I’m more comfortable with progress and growing. If I’m not perfect at a class, I’m OK with it. If I push myself and feel like I’m hurting myself, I stop or take a modify. No fear, baby.]

If you’ve started a new routine or made lifestyle changes, what’s different for you?



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