Weekend Update: Benched Edition

January 8, 2012

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for January 2 – January 8, which started off with me browsing for fleece-lined running tights and ended with a run in short-sleeves…

Training Mode: In it, but slightly benched. 😦 Week 2…muddled through. I took off two days of running.

Days until the race: 68

You can run and tell that: 7 miles

Busted more moves: a one-hour yoga class, walking, a lot of stretching/foam rolling.

Busted body: knee is feeling better, right hip is still bothering me (am I 80? What’s going on? I can’t wait until I have nothing to report in this category.)

Ear candy o’ the week: Shout out to my favorite marathoner for reminding me that I can’t not smile when I hear Nicki Minaj sing “Super Bass.” Go ahead and try. You can’t either, right? I knew it!

The takeaway: Yoga really does help. Namaste, folks.

Things to work on: strength training

Random running thought: Why can kids just keep going…and going…and going? I saw some kids out on my run today, just running along like the little free spirits they are. Children, teach us your endurance and ability to get over hang-ups. And maybe lend us an ounce of your energy?

I might have to run with an iPod sometimes. That would be a first for me (minus when I’m on a treadmill). Do you run with or without music?


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