Running Halfway Around the World

December 21, 2011

Several months ago my parents moved to Abu Dhabi. It’s a little weird, and I’m still getting used to not being able to pick up the phone and call them any time. This is pretty standard fare for my family, though, and we’re close in spite of the distance.

In what can only be described as surreal, I’m flying to Abu Dhabi tomorrow. And when I get back, I’m driving from DC to Savannah, GA. So much travel, so little time, so…how the hell am I going to get in some workouts?

There will be some laps (walking) in Heathrow and some stretching and strengthening in my parents’ living room. And I’m pretty psyched to have enlisted my dad to drag my butt running through Abu Dhabi. It’s a rare thing of beauty that I’m choosing to run on a vacation, but I like it. And I like the idea of running halfway around the world. (Like that ambiguity?)


Maybe I'll run here? (Used under a Creative Commons license, photo by Rüdiger Meier.)

I have no idea how jet lag is going to affect me, my desire to run, or my ability to run, but life’s a journey, right? And now, thanks to some awesome running bloggers, I have motivation to get out there on the Gulf and run: I’m registered for a virtual 10K. The timing couldn’t be better as I start half marathon training while I’m traveling (!).

I expect a crazy next two weeks, but who doesn’t like a little crazy? I’m turning off tracking my food for WW; I figured it would be an added level of stress that I didn’t need. Doesn’t mean I won’t think about what I’m eating and whether or not I feel full, but this is a good opportunity to test my improved eating habits…and stretch my running repertoire.


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  1. More photoosssss~ Quite lucky of u to be traveling there 🙂

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