Weekend Update: Inaugural Edition

December 19, 2011

Here’s my weekly wrap-up for December 12-18.

Training Mode: Maintenance

You can run and tell that (code for: how many miles I logged): 7 miles

Busted more moves: one yoga class, some ab work, one weights class (BodyPump, which sadly is not led by Hans und Franz, although the instructors are always very nice)

Busted body: tight IT band in my right leg. It’s always the right. Prescription? More foam roller.

Ear candy o’ the week: T.I. feat. Rhianna – Live Your Life (I turned 30 and became philosophical…this now dominates my running mix, which, I should clarify, I use more for listening to while changing into running gear. I only run with an iPod if I’m on a treadmill.)

The takeaway: Focused on how my foot hits the ground with each stride and adjusted a little, aiming for a midsole strike instead of a heel strike. Result: improved pace! Light and springy feeling! Kittens and puppies! Shazam!


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